ACIP  Alabama Continuous Improvement Plan

Demopolis Middle School 2021 – 2022



Vision:  The Demopolis Middle School (DMS) will be in the top ten percentage of middle schools in the state of Alabama in all statistical categories. Our students will enter high school ready for success in the classroom as they prepare for the workforce, technical school, military, or university setting.



Mission:  Through partnerships with parents, the community, and other stakeholders, DMS will ensure that all students are learning at high levels



Beliefs:  Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge, Cooperativeness, and Fairness (Cooperation without Compromise)




Academic Achievement Objectives: Increase in growth and progress on state assessments – reading, math, and science.


Critical Initiatives: Study the data and plan accordingly. Data drives instruction and students who need small group instruction are identified. Learning Targets used Implement a variety of formative assessments so that non-mastery can be identified and students served through small groups, re-teaching, and more specific individual instruction


Key Measures: PLC meetings weekly (sign-in sheets, agendas, data analysis forms), Common Assessments, Classroom Observations, Classroom Formative Assessments, State Standardized Assessment – ACAP, Study of each student’s data in each classroom, iReady Benchmark Assessments




Stakeholder Involvement Objectives: Proactive communication and strategic involvement opportunities for parents, guardians, and stakeholders


Critical Initiatives: Continue to communicate with parents/stakeholders through social media and All Calls. Host STEM and Literacy nights, as well as Night at the Museum to celebrate learning and showcase student achievement.


Key Measures: Public Engagement of Social Media Outlets.  Sign-In Sheets for the three parent nights.  Planning and Agendas for the three parent nights.



Learning Environment Objectives: Develop an engaging environment in which all students feel safe and their learning needs are met.


Critical Initiatives: Provide Opportunities for professional development that focus on student engagement. Implement the PBIS rewards system to encourage leadership, academics, determination, and positive attitudes. Continue conducting instructional rounds.


Key Measures: Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, Student Classroom Data, Sign-In Sheets for the three parent nights, Planning and Agendas for the three parents.




Technology Objectives: Provide appropriate and needed technology resources to students and teachers in all classrooms.


Critical Initiatives: Conduct a teacher technology survey, and create a technology budget committee. Provide appropriate professional development for new technology resources.


Key Measures: Technology Survey for Teachers.  Technology Survey for Students. Student Data. Technology PD with Sign-in Sheets. Technology PD Agendas




School Culture Objectives: Provide a safe and positive culture for students and teachers throughout the school.


Critical Initiatives: Promote positive student behavior using the PBIS rewards system. Follow the DMS LEAD matrix for overall school rules, safety, and COVID protocols. Continue to conduct faculty and staff appreciation events and to encourage and motivate teachers with monthly treats.


Key Measures: Student Surveys, Teacher Surveys, Parent Surveys, Classroom Observations, Calendar Document for faculty and staff