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Dear Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Stakeholders,

 I am excited to be the principal of Demopolis Middle School. The support from our district leaders, parents, stakeholders, and the Demopolis community has been most encouraging. With this strong support, it is important that all our students are learning at high levels, and our school is moving from being a good school to being a great school.

It is important that parents are involved in the lives of their children's schools. With strong parental involvement, our combined efforts will provide the foundation needed to make our school great. We have students, staff, and faculty who are second to none. With this wonderful team in place, growth will occur daily, and goals in all areas of our school life will be met. One of our goals is to perform every duty with fidelity. When we all work with fidelity, our school will be a safe school, with a healthy environment, striving each day for equity, with a climate that is student-centered, and a culture where our students take responsibility for their learning while being respectful of teachers. We have in place software and programs to support this goal of fidelity in all we do. Programs such as Professional Learning Communities are made up of faculty members who plan together and compare the results from the classroom so that instruction is always improving and students are learning at high levels. Software such as iReady and IXL are in place, and new strategies for learning are set to begin, such as our Blue Heat schedule that will debut next semester.

Our school is an exciting place, and I look forward to seeing what can take place if we all work together. I think our future looks bright and we will have some amazing successes. May each one of us fulfill the role we can play in supporting our school.


Blue Heat!

Gary S. Gibson, Ed.D., CAA

Principal, Demopolis Middle School