National Junior Beta Club » Membership


Membership Requirements

In order to be invited to join the DMS Jr. Beta Club a student must fulfill the following requirements:

  • All "A's" in core classes the first 9-weeks, "B's" are acceptable in advanced courses.
  • NO disciplinary infractions. This includes write-ups, and any step on the Google Docs Discipline Tier.


Academic/Disciplinary Requirements

Betas inducted in the fall of 2017 and later are expected to adhere to the following requirements once inducted:

-All "A's" in core classes each grading period.  A "B" is acceptable in advanced courses.

  • After the first grade lower than an "A" (or lower than a "B" in advanced) students will be on academic probation. The second offense, academic or disciplinary, will result in dismissal from the DMS Jr. Beta Club.

-Fewer than two (2) disciplinary infractions. This includes:

  • 2 steps on the Google Docs Discipline Tier

  • 2 Class I offenses

  • Or a combination of the above

After the second offense, the student will be removed from the DMS Beta Club. 

-All Betas should exhibit excellent character and leadership skills.


Loss of Membership
A member of this chapter of the National Jr. Beta Club will be dropped from membership if he/she does not maintain the required grade or for any reason(s) in the above section. A member may also be dropped from membership for moral or disciplinary reasons that are deemed sufficient by the sponsors. Students dismissed from the Beta Club for disciplinary reasons will not be considered for future membership. 
Service Projects/ Service Hour Requirements
As soon as possible after its activation in the fall term of the school year, the Chapter will undertake a series of service projects which will be of benefit to the community. The projects shall be decided upon only after consultation with, and upon approval of, the sponsor. At a minimum, the DMS Jr. Beta Club will sponsor two service days per year, one for the fall term and one for the spring term. **subject to the discretion of the sponsors**  
-Any member who has not met the service hour requirement for the previous school year will be placed on probation for the first semester of the new school year. Members have until the end of the first semester to make-up service hours from the previous year and complete current service hour requirements. Probation will be lifted once service hours are completed. 
Each member is required to obtain 8 hours of independent service in the fall, and 8 hours in the spring for a total of 16 hours per school year. These hours are to be completed independently, as club service projects do not count toward individual hours. Members are required to complete the designated service hour form for each individual service project, and have an adult sign-off. Relatives cannot sign-off on service hours. Service hours earned during school hours, at DMS or off-campus, must be pre-approved by a Beta sponsor.